Pressing Pause

If anyone ever told me the entire country would be shut down, kids wouldn't have to be in school and businesses would be closed, I would have laughed and asked them what Netflix show they've been binging.  We are currently in a reality that no one ever expected in a million years.  There's a lot to be scared about.  Our health, our finances, our children's education, heck, even our mental wellbeing.  Not to mention what in the world is going to become of the business we worked so hard to build? 

I get it, believe me.  I'm right there with you with 4 businesses that I worked so hard to build just shut down.  But you know what?  I'm not scared.  In fact, dare I say I'm trilled?  I mean, come on.  When else in the history of the universe have we ever gotten the opportunity to press the pause button on life?  I don't know about you, but I have been drowning in the daily grind.  I'm waking up at the crack of dawn.  I spend hours upon hours working.  I'm running the mom taxi all over town.  Evenings are spent making meals, doing laundry, working on homework and getting kids to bed.  And after that, there's always a few more hours of work.  I'm the most exhausted I've ever been in my life, but I do it because that's what needs to be done to keep my family moving forward.  

My first baking experiment...cotton candy MacaronsNow here I am. Sitting in my home with nothing but time on my hands.  No meetings, no calls, no marketing, no customer service.  No nothing.  I mean sure, I've got a few things to do here and there to keep things running, but nowhere even close to the level I was at before.  For the first time in a very long time, I can breathe.  And better yet, I can think.  My head is slowing becoming less cloudy from the pollution of my daily life. I'm no longer consumed with the grind and I'm seeing a whole new world in front of my very eyes.  A world where I can spend quality time with my kids.  Where I can enjoy at home date nights with my husband. Where I can spend an hour in the bathtub if I want to and just think about nothing.  Where I can spend hours on new hobbies, like my new culinary adventures (how about those macarons?). While there is so much uncertainty and fear in the world at the moment, I'm choosing not to think about it.  I'm saying my prayers each day for those affected and for the frontline workers keeping us healthy.  But beyond that, I'm enjoying the pause in my life.  

A beautiful thing happens when you're not stressed.  Your mind clears up.  Your creativity heightens.  Your ambition soars.  Now that my brain isn't in constant fight mode just to get through each day, it has time to process exactly how I want my life to be.  Like really be. I can refocus my goals and build upon them.  I can continue to explore and learn and grow.  I can map out a clear path for how I see my life and my businesses moving forward after this is all said and done.

So I have a challenge for you.  Press the pause button.  Enjoy the warm sunlight on your face as you take your dogs for a walk.  Embrace the extra snuggles you get from your children.  Fill your bellies with all of the wonderful food and drinks you can find.  Take time to let your mind rest.  And enjoy the things that really matter.  

Once you're able to release your old patterns, you can build new ones.  My goal over the next few weeks, months, or however long it takes is to help you do just that.  I want to help all at home boutique owners refocus their goals.  Then I want to give you the tools to help you along the way.  

If you haven't already liked our FB page, head on over and drop a comment in this blog's post letting me know how you're pausing your life and what joy is coming of it!  Let's get our minds in a good space before we dig in to saving those businesses!  And don't worry, that's coming. And it will be easier than you expect! Stay tuned...Boutique Boot Camp is on the way!


About the Author...Morgan is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of several successful children's clothing lines including Ooh La Llama and Pete + Lucy.  Her passion in life is helping other moms achieve their dreams of building their own thriving business.  She's living the dream herself in North Carolina with her 3 kids, 1 husband, 2 goldendoodles, 2 cats, 1 hamster and 1 bearded dragon.  In her free time (yes, there is some), she's obsessed with Disney World and travels there for her Mickey Bar and Dole Whip as often as she can.